Loss of friends due to divorce

Divorce not only costs money and family but also friends. While going through divorce you will be able to discover people whom you actually called friends. There is a tendency among human beings to look for support while going through sad times. While going through divorce you might find people who once called themselves your friends shying away from you. It is just one of the example of side effects of divorce that is just not limited to one’s family but also to friends and extended family. On an average you will lose around 8 friends during the the whole process of divorce. While going through a divorce, it comes as an eye opener while fighting the battle with the person who was once the most loved person in your life and managing things if there are any children involved.

There are multiple types of friends who you can easily recognize while going for a divorce

  • There are friends who will find it difficult to interfere in the ongoing process . They find it difficult to cope up with the news and do not know what to do in such scenario. So, what happens is that they don’t say anything and leave you alone in the situation and hide in the background. Instead of dealing with things and come out to help you, they opt out rather than facing it.
  • The second type of friends are those who will feel the need to support any one of the spouse giving reason to other spouse for the termination of friendship. Losing such friends who were once important to you and your spouse can hurt but you but will teach you a lesson to be more careful choosing friends next time.
  • The third type of friends are those who operate in just couples . And they will be more than happy to take your name out from the list of weekend breaks or at the dinner parties. They just don’t have any space for single person be it that person is their close friend. Once you are divorced you will find many of your married friends missing from action or avoiding you completely. It is better to stay lonely than having such selfish friends.

The divorce was meant for you and your spouse but your friends leaving you in between divorce is some thing you never saw coming. Once this happens, you fly solo.

Post divorce life is the first time you will start choosing friends for yourself without any influence. While we were children it was your parent’s choice who you will we make friends with. They did so because they feared that if you choose wrong people, we will become like them . If you are comfortable hanging around with people who are successful and are happy soon you will turn like them .

One of the divorce aftershocks is that a person starts to feel that she/he is a piece of junk or a useless person . Making friends with people who understand your value and respect you for what you are will help a lot in getting out of this negativity and lead a normal life.

Getting out of the self containment box is important as it will only develop negativity and the feelings of being worthless develops destructive feelings and you might end up causing harm to yourself. If you do not get out of this box then very soon you will be found in another box heading toward grave.

Get hold of your life once through with divorce and make the best use of this time , surf online information on divorce when you have only you to cater. Go out and start living your life. You will eventually make new friends but this time you will be more careful choosing correct person as friends.

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I am Lisa Levis, working as a content writer since 2010. I am helping edivorcepapers.com. Here I am managing its blog and article sections.

I am Lisa Levis, working as content since 2010. I love to writes on divorce and all the queries related to divorce.

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I am Lisa Levis, working as content since 2010. I love to writes on divorce and all the queries related to divorce.

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  1. Excellent article. I have been divorced for 2 years now. My x-husband and I had a large group of friends for 30 years. Post divorce almost all of them are nonexistent. I found the most hurtful thing was when my mother died a few weeks ago and only a small handful acknowledged it even though my x-husband (who I still have a decent relationship with) let them.know. A very sad time for many reasons. I’m hurt but in time will feel better. I have met some new friends now and I looks at it as cleansing the friend pool to make room for better friends.

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