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Divorce, separation, children’s rights, and wills are just a few of the legal topics covered by the sensitive and complex field of family law. When dealing with such legal issues, it is essential to consult with specialised lawyers who have a thorough grasp and respect of the complexities involved.

Thanks to family law blogs and online legal news sources, being updated about the most recent advancements and expert viewpoints is now simpler than ever.

Family Blawg, a comprehensive family law blog and legal news source from skilled family lawyers, is one such platform that stands out. This article examines how you can find some of our most popular family law blog entries and Family Blawg’s listings for family lawyers.

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Top divorce lawyers in America

In some of our Family Blawg posts, we outline some of the top divorce lawyers in America. These posts can aid you in finding skilled and reliable lawyers for given States for legal counsel for a divorce case.

Divorce and Family Law in Scotland and England: Differences and Similarities

Family Blawg provides a useful blog post that explores the subtleties and variations between Scottish and English family law and divorce proceedings. For anyone dealing with international family law difficulties, it is essential to understand the differences in the legislation between various geographic areas. This article offers insightful information about the various legal systems and procedures in these two jurisdictions.

Finding Top Family Lawyers in the UK

Finding the best family lawyer is essential when dealing with family law issues in the UK. The Family Blawg page titled “How to Find the Right Family Lawyer for You (UK)” offers a thorough guide to assist people in navigating the process of choosing a knowledgeable and experienced family lawyer. This article gives helpful guidance and pointers for selecting the ideal attorney to handle your case successfully, from comprehending the exact credentials and expertise to taking into account significant considerations like location and fees.

Some of Australia’s Best Divorce Attorneys

Divorce proceedings may be emotionally taxing, so having an experienced divorce attorney on your side can be beneficial. On Family Blawg, the page named “Some of the Top Divorce Lawyers in Australia” lists a number of renowned divorce lawyers from different Australian cities and states. This page offers helpful details about top-rated divorce attorneys recognised for their proficiency in managing complicated divorce matters, regardless of where you are in Australia—whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or another city. These experts have made a name for themselves as dependable family law attorneys thanks to their credentials, expertise, and track records.

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  1. Adoption: Explore the legal process and considerations for adopting a child. Adoption Blogs
  2. Child Custody and Divorce Proceedings: Learn about child custody arrangements and their impact on divorce cases. Child Custody Blogs
  3. Child Support and Divorce: Understand the financial aspects of divorce and child support obligations. Child Support Blogs
  4. Children and Divorce: Discover the effects of divorce on children and strategies for mitigating their impact. Children and Divorce Blogs
  5. Civil Partnerships: Stay informed about legal matters related to civil partnerships and the rights and responsibilities involved. Civil Partnerships Blogs
  6. Family Law Claims: Get insights into various family law claims, including property disputes, custody battles, and financial settlements. Family Law Claims Blogs
  7. Cohabitation Law and Cohabitation Agreements: Learn about the legal aspects of cohabitation and the importance of cohabitation agreements. Cohabitation Law Blogs
  8. Divorce Law: Stay updated on divorce laws, procedures, and considerations when navigating a divorce. Divorce Law Blogs
  9. Domestic Violence: Find resources and information on domestic violence laws, protection orders, and support for victims. Domestic Violence Blogs
  10. Elder Law: Gain knowledge about legal issues affecting older adults, such as estate planning, guardianship, and long-term care. Elder Law Blogs
  11. Executry: Explore the legal processes involved in administering and distributing the estate of a deceased individual. Executry Blogs
  12. Family Law: Stay informed about all aspects of family law, including marriage, divorce, child custody, and more. Family Law Blogs
  13. Finance and Financial Settlements: Understand the financial implications of divorce and the process of reaching financial settlements. Finance and Financial Settlements Blogs
  14. Legal Aid and Family Law: Discover resources and information about accessing legal aid for family law matters. Legal Aid and Family Law Blogs
  15. Marriage Laws: Explore the legal aspects of marriage, including marriage contracts, rights, and responsibilities. Marriage Laws Blogs
  16. Family Law Mediation: Learn about the benefits and process of mediation in resolving family law disputes amicably. Family Law Mediation Blogs
  17. Pre-Nuptial Agreements: Understand the significance of pre-nuptial agreements and their role in protecting assets and interests. Pre-Nuptial Agreements Blogs
  18. Property Issues: Get insights into property division, ownership, and disputes within the context of family law cases. Property Issues Blogs
  19. Separation Law: Explore the legal considerations and processes involved in separation, including division of assets and child custody. Separation Law Blogs
  20. Surrogacy Law: Stay updated on the legal aspects and regulations surrounding surrogacy arrangements and parentage rights. Surrogacy Law Blogs
  21. Family Law Tax Issues: Discover the tax implications and considerations related to family law matters, such as alimony and child support. Family Law Tax Issues Blogs

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Divorce Law

6 Steps to Understanding Covert-Aggression and High-Conflict Divorce

High-conflict divorce is estimated to occur in approximately 15-30 percentage of divorce settlements. As a legal practitioner it is likely that you have had one or two (or maybe more) of these protracted and at times, baffling divorce negotiations on your caseload. If you are a client, you may now be finding yourself in what seems a never-ending round of claim and counter-claims. In either case, you are likely to be scratching your head as you try to work out what it is that is making this particular divorce take so long.

Child Custody Child Support Divorce Law Family Law Separation Law

The “Do’s and Don’t’s” of the Initial Family Law Consultation

Deciding to pick up the phone and make that dreaded first call when you feel the time is right to contact an attorney is a petrifying moment.  It’s one of those times in your life where you just have to take the plunge, dial the phone and make the call.

Divorce Law

No such thing as a “quickie” divorce

Last week it was widely reported in the media that the Blackadder star, Rowan Atkinson, worth an estimated £70 million, was granted a “quickie” divorce in 65 seconds from wife Sunetra after 24 years of marriage at London’s Central Family Court on grounds of his unreasonable behaviour.

There have been a string of quickie celebrity divorces reported in recent years, Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Beatles star Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills and X-Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and England defender Ashley Cole.

Family Law

Digital family justice – reflections on the recent experiences of automating family law proceedings

By Nadia Rusinova, LL. M., Attorney-at-law and Lecturer in International/European private law at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, International and European Law Department.

Digital spaces now hold an important place in our democratic societies. “Access to justice” in this context is much discussed issue, however it is not always seen as quite complex as it ought to be, as it includes issues of both ways of accessing the law and access to dispute settlement procedures. However, not everything is all gloom, the developments occurring in this area provide opportunities to improve the quality and efficacy of judicial institutions. That said, they do not come without their own challenges, including requiring specific safeguards to ensure the effective and efficient implement of these new developments.


Loss/Grief Recovery Programmes Online for Children Going Through Divorce

grief recovery method - helping children online

Are you going through a separation or divorce?  

Your children are going through this too? They too are experiencing loss.

Although you and your partner will no longer be a couple, you will always be parents. In most cases, children benefit from a continued loving relationship with both parents. So why not learn how to support your children as best you can.

Rise in Divorce, ‘No Fault Divorce’ and Covid-19

Such support is particularly necessary at the moment given the rise in divorce, the new ‘no fault divorce’ coming into force which requires a 26 week period of reflection where therapy/guidance may be required, and loss suffered as a result of Covid-19.

The ‘Helping children with loss’ online programme

The ‘Helping children with loss’ programme is an online programme that will enable you to identify symptoms and behaviours caused by grief and loss, increase your confidence in talking about difficult and painful feelings with children, help you know what to say and what not say to say.

I am running this course ONLINE on the following dates:

Tuesday 1/8/15/22 December from 6-8pm. The cost will be at a rate of £120 pp.

If you have questions please contact me on 07736323103 or email

Paula Parker  – ‘Elite Aspirations’

Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist


Personal development coach for young people and their families

Mobile – 07736323103

Divorce Law

Could switch therapy save your marriage?

You may have heard of ‘switch therapy’ from the popular Channel 4 programmes Seven Year Switch USA and Australia where four couples are assisted by two relationship experts, Dr Dan Shapiro and Dr Jessica Griffin who specialise in relational trauma, high conflict and divorce in an attempt to save their marriages.

Civil partnerships

Court of Appeal refuse couple’s civil partnership challenge

Cohabitees Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan have been unsuccessful in their legal challenge at the Court of Appeal. The decision the Court had to make was whether to extend the law to allow opposite-sex couples to enter into civil partnerships.

Child Support

Tips for a Thorough Child Support Agreement

Top Tips for a Thorough Child Support Agreement (Based on family law in Queensland and indeed divorce law across Australia & generally):-

As the unavoidable unfortunately happens, your child’s welfare has to be prioritised. Divorce or separation is never easy, but this does not mean your child’s interests will be compromised.

Divorce Law

Divorce Petition fee hike

The Ministry of Justice reported late last week that there would be a 34% increase in divorce fees as of Monday 21 March 2016. This is despite strong opposition from many family lawyers who opposed the hike when the Ministry of Justice consulted on the issue last year.

Family Law

CAFCASS Case Increase – Cause for Concern?

February 2016 was a busy month for CAFCASS who have experienced a 10% compared to last year in new private law cases from 2,932 to 3,237 referrals. This is in stark contrast to the decline seen in 2014/15 when applications dropped by 27% on the previous year, with May 2014 being the lowest number of new cases received on record.


Surrogacy Law Leaves Baby Boy Parentless – Time for Change?

A baby boy born to a surrogate mother as part of a commercial surrogacy arrangement has been left without a legally recognised parent in the UK due to a curiosity in the law. The surrogacy arrangement was made between an American mother and a UK man, however a UK court refused to recognise the man as the boy’s father because he is single.

Children Divorce Law

Ashley Madison Account Hacked? Well, Your Divorce Can Still Be Private

As the Tampa Bay Times reported a few months ago, a website hack has meant that thousands of spouses have been caught red-handed while trying to cheat., a website that bills itself as “the most famous name in infidelity and married dating,” was targeted by a “hacktivist” group who made public the website’s clientele list and their personal information.

Children Civil partnerships Divorce Law Family Law Mediation

Tampa Divorce Lawyer Rejects Court System

The court system publicly pits husband versus wife, mother versus father, according to collaborative lawyer Adam B. Cordover. On the heels of the fifth anniversary of his law firm, he declares that he will no longer take part and announces his firm’s new focus and name as Family Diplomacy: A Collaborative Law Firm.

Children Legal Aid

Parents defending themselves after Legal Aid Cuts could be damaging for Children

As legal aid availability continues to be cut, an increasing number of parents with little to no legal knowledge are being forced to represent themselves in Court for family cases.

Child Custody Children Divorce Law Family Law Marriage

Grandparents: the silent sufferers when their children get divorced

When parents get divorced, they are encouraged to sort out arrangements for any children between themselves, so that things can remain as amicable as possible. The best interests of the children should be the focal consideration and both parents should continue to have a strong involvement in their lives, so long as there are no welfare issues to consider.

Claims Divorce Law Family Law Finance Separation Law

One rule for him and another for her as Oklahoma Supreme Court dismisses Sue Ann Arnall’s appeal

In November 2014, Harold Hamm, the CEO of Continental Resources, was ordered to pay his ex-wife Sue Ann $995.5 million in what was described as one of the biggest divorce settlements in history. With the award representing only a fraction of Mr Hamm’s estimated $18 billion empire, Sue Ann appealed, claiming that she should be entitled to a much heftier settlement due to her significant contributions during their 26-year marriage. Conversely, Harold made his own appeal, arguing that the almost $1 billion figure was excessive.

Divorce Law

Major causes of divorce in the UK

divorce-causes-ukIt is well known that couples spend a significant amount of time looking ahead to one day in their life – their wedding day. But, they then fail to discuss and plan their future together such as their career ambitions, lifestyle choices and parenting styles.

Divorce Law Family Law Finance Marriage Separation Law

Don’t look back in anger? Try telling that to Dale Vince

During the couple’s relationship, the pair lived a nomadic lifestyle, surviving on very little money. Following their separation, life continued in a similar manner for Ms Wyatt, who today lives in an ex-council house in Wales with her children. However, things changed dramatically for Mr Vince when he founded Ecotricity in 1995, which is now one of the UK’s biggest green energy companies.Mr Vince’s new lifestyle mirrors his business success and he currently lives in a £3 million 18th-century castle with his new wife and their son.

Divorce Law Family Law Marriage Separation Law

Artist divorce case highlights sexism of the UK courts – and it’s not the women who are suffering

A stay-at-home father who was supported by his millionaire wife is appealing a court decision that would see him receive a £300,000 lump sum, as well as a long term £50,000 annual maintenance payment.