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The Benefits of Mediated Divorce

(Guest post from San Diego divorce lawyers) When a married couple chooses to seek an end to their relationship, it may be in their benefit to consider pursuing mediated divorce. Unlike contested divorce proceedings, which can involve lengthy court battles and costly attorney’s fees, mediated divorce is a simple, relatively painless process that can help to reduce the stress that married couples may experience during a divorce.

Mediated divorce isn’t right for all couples. For those who have been involved in an abusive relationship, those who believe their partner is at fault for the dissolution of their marriage, those who have a particularly acrimonious relationship with their spouse, and others, mediated divorce may not be able to resolve the differences between the two sides. However, for many couples, a mediated divorce can have a significantly better outcome for both sides than can a court settlement.

Mediated Divorce Benefits

Mediated divorce involves both parties to the relationship meeting with a neutral third party, who acts as a mediator and helps guide their individual wishes to a mutually agreed upon divorce settlement. By giving both sides an opportunity to speak their minds and reach a consensus about the various aspects of their divorce, mediated divorce can provide a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Ÿ  Reduced costs – mediated divorces often cost a divorcing couple a small fraction of what a court settlement would cost.
  • Ÿ  Shorter timeframe – divorces achieved through mediation take, on average, anywhere between three to ten sessions, around two hours each, to be resolved. This is often much less time than a court settlement would require.
  • Ÿ  Reduced stress – mediated divorce can help to reduce the stress that both spouses may feel during the divorce process by allowing their input to help determine the outcome and reducing the uncertainty that relying on a court’s decision can entail.

Because of these various reasons, mediated divorce is often the best option available for a couple. However, mediated divorce may not be right for every couple in every situation, and in these instances, it is advisable to pursue the assistance of a qualified divorce lawyer to achieve a suitable end to the relationship.

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