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Family law claims

As the name would indicate, family law specifically deals with those areas of the legal system relating to domestic and familial matters. However, within the scope of family law, there a number of different types of claims that can be made, relating to different circumstances. These are 3 of the main types of family law claims.

Divorce and child custody

This is one of the most common types of family law claim. Firstly, divorce law can deal with such matters as the division of financial assets, to the rights and arrangements of the parents concerning access to or custody of any children in the wake of a divorce. The issues that can arise within this include those of who gets full residence rights for the children – custody; and who gets visitation rights – access. There will also be issues of legally arranging times for visits, for the parent who does not have custody rights – and dealing with any breach of those arrangements. Click here for divorce solicitors who can help with any of the above matters.

Domestic violence

Unfortunately domestic violence remains extremely common within relationships of all classes, ages and sexual orientations. This area of family law is designed to offer support and protection for those experiencing it. This includes providing information on the legal options available and, if necessary, securing court orders to provide protection for the victim from their abuser.

Civil partnerships

With the Civil Partnership Act having been passed in 2004, these relationships now fall under the jurisdiction of family law, although the arrangements are slightly different from those of divorcing married couples. Civil partnerships family law claims can relate to issues of parental rights and responsibilities, just the same as married couple divorce law, but the difference is in the actual separation: this type of family law deals with specialised orders for the dissolution of civil partnerships, as well as with legal issues that can arise as a result of IVF treatment.

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