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Weston-Super-Mare a divorce hotspot

Weston-Super-Mare has been named as divorce ‘hotspot’ in England and Wales. This comes from figures from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), which show that 2,447 divorce petitions were recorded in the town for 80,000 people in 2012.

These figures were released to inform couples of new public-funded mediation services, as they can use these to settle outside of court and pay a lot less as well as a much quicker process.

Mediation is a much simpler process for settling financial disputes as well as arranging time with children, with costs for mediation on average £500 compared to £4,000 for settling through courts.  Mediation cases normally take around 110 days but settling in court will take on average 435 days.

There are many reasons for arguments causing breakdowns in relationships, with money being the biggest and with the economic decline many are struggling, which are showing in their relationships.

Mediation services use an independent, qualified third-party to help couples arrange their financial assets and arrange child contact, so there is no need to visit a court.

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