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The end of legal aid for divorce is nigh – All hail the rise of DIY

Online divorce is set to rise as legal aid cuts, mean it will no longer be available for divorce cases in April 2013.

The Government has cut legal help ( basic legal aid) and legal aid itself for most private law family cases unless there is an serious allegation of domestic violence.

That means people with little means such as single mothers, the unemployed, disabled people and low paid workers will have to either find free legal advice, at a time when the advice centres and Citizens Advice Bureau are themselves having their funding cut, or they will attempt to do it themselves with many of then using the internet to gather relevant information and forms.

Divorce-Online are the UK’s leading provider of “online divorce” services having dealt with over 100,000 cases since launching.

With the experience of handling such a large volume of cases, one would think that the service is impersonal and does not suit individual needs. This could not be further from the truth with many clients commentating on how good the communication is with the staff as they go through their divorce.

The key is that we have used technology to create a streamlined and efficient back office which allows us to process cases quickly and to communicate with our clients 24/7.

Each client is given their own secure client area where they can see progress on their case in real time, download documents and send and receive messages from their case workers.

So, when legal aid stops, there will be places people can turn and they will know that a good, low cost service is waiting for them.

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