Domestic Violence

Victim Compensation in Domestic Violence Claims

(US law and generally) If you were injured as the result of domestic violence, you know that it can take years to put all the pieces of your life back together. You might think that after a successful criminal hearing you have done everything possible to exercise all of your legal rights. However, many victims fail to realize that they are also entitled to compensation for their injuries and can pursue compensation by filing a civil complaint against their abuser. Find out how you can fight for the compensation you deserve legally so that you can recover from the violence without struggling financially.

What Type of Compensation Are You Entitled To As the Victim of Domestic Violence?

Victims of domestic violence can sustain a number of different types of physical and emotional injuries. While the most commonly recognized injuries are typically physical where abuse is concerned, emotional abuse is also very common when someone is injured at the hands of someone they love. While criminal laws are very well known and are enforced in each state, civil laws also exist to provide recourse for victims who want to pursue compensation for their injuries.

You have the right to pursue your abuser civilly even after you have pursued them in the criminal court. When you are pursuing your abuser civilly, you are taking the assailant to court to hold them liable for the costs of your injuries so that you are not stuck paying for your medical care and the care you will need for recovery. Our attorney, from law firm Tenn and Tenn explains that if the court orders that the defendant is responsible for your injuries, you could be entitled to compensation in the form of awarded damages. These damages can range in severity and depend on state laws. If you are not familiar with the laws concerning damages in your state, speak with a personal injury law firm and find out everything you need to know.

How Can the Criminal Case Help You When Filing a Civil Case?

As you might know, having evidence whenever you are going to court will help you when you are trying to prove your complaint is accurate and true. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you should always call the local authorities before doing anything else and have the abuser arrested. Once you file a restraining order and you are in a safe environment, you can use the police report and the evidence from the criminal proceeding to help you win your civil case. Our lawyer further advises that documents such as the incident report, statements from law enforcement officers, photos of injuries, and medical treatment bills can all be used to support your claim.

Everyone deserves to have a loving relationship where they feel safe. If you are the victim of domestic violence rebuilding your life can be a long and arduous road. Remember though you are entitled to compensation for the physical and psychological injuries you suffered, to help make that road to recovery a little easier.

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This article was written by Georgina Clatworthy an experienced legal writer and editor. She is currently a contributing writer for the New Hampshire personal injury specialists at Tenn and Tenn, whose approach to claims from victims of domestic violence is with diligence and empathy, ensuring every client receives the compensation they deserve.