Preparation for a Future in Law

The idea of law school may be an exciting and frightening thought for many soon-to-be high school graduates. Many see it as a time to enhance one’s ability to debate, a school for the intellectually elite, or a pathway to a high-paying salary and luxurious lifestyle. The decision to apply for and enroll in law school should be heavily weighed, and certain considerations should be noted before any actions are taken. Below are items any parent should consider and discuss with their sons and daughters before taking any further steps to becoming a lawyer. The sooner you and your child figure out the answers to these questions, the more prepared everyone can be for a successful path to a future in law.

What Classes Should You Take In College?

Law school, like any other professional school, requires applicants and entrants to have previously completed a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. While many schools state that no one major or academic path is the best preparation for the study of law, some classes will act as a solid foundation.

In college, any class that includes the study of law will help – this can include business law, environmental law, and international law, among others. Obtaining knowledge of international affairs and political history can also be extremely beneficial. Taking a writing class of any kind is also beneficial and highly recommended as it is a great way to prepare making cohesive arguments and fine-tune your critical thinking skills.

Why Do You Want to Study the Law?

If, after you have taken specific law classes during your undergraduate studies, you find yourself particularly passionate about a specific area of the law, it is wise to pursue the endeavor. Many students venture into law as a result of their desire to help others, while others desire to a career in politics and seek to learn the many aspects regarding the law and how it governs the country.

A degree in law is a degree that includes a plethora of subjects and avenues. It is wise to choose the path that you are passionate about.

Why Do You Want to Be a Lawyer?

This is the biggest question of all. Many people believe that being a lawyer is very similar to how it is portrayed by television programs and movies – big name attorneys winning high-profile cases with quips and well placed points.

While this may be the case with some attorneys, the majority of those who practice law find that it involves a great deal of research and communicating with clients and law officials. While there will be times that attorneys represent their clients before a judge, the majority of a lawyers work is done in their office reading through case files. The amount of studying done by a law student will not end when they graduate from law school.

Law students have the ability to gain an intimate knowledge of one of the most important institutions in the world. They also learn to think critically, and develop connections with peers that often last a lifetime. Lawyers have the ability to advocate for what they believe in. Before you attend or apply to law school, consider all of the possibilities in order to be fully informed as you take your next step in your education.


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