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The Rising Number of Children Forced to Take Sides in Bitter Divorce Feuds

Guest post regarding the rising number of children forced to take sides with divorces.

Divorce is never an easy process to digest for parents who have one or more children. The battle for custody can sometimes lead to aggressive behavioural patterns coming from the parents who twist the arm of their children to win them on their side. The common tactics consists of “buying off” the love and attention of children by a technique of offering them hip technical devices like cell phones, lavish holidays or trendy garments.

The main focus of each parent within the development of custody battle is often to poison the heart and mind of the children in the favour of one of them and they do so by badmouthing the other parent. This process of influencing the children for personal interest is not something that courts prefer. The solicitors who deal with harsh divorce issues know best to what extent one parent would go to denigrate the other one in order to obtain primary custody of the children.

When you are faced with the imminence of a divorce it is best to recur to certified solicitors. They can explain all that a divorce can entail and can teach you how to speak to your children about an obvious dramatic change in their lives without attempting to “brainwash” their minds and to influence them more than necessary.

Divorce is never an easy problem to deal with. Children are susceptible to adult opinions and many times they express their adhesion to the one who tried best to win them over. Statistics show that the strong actions and influence of one parent can succeed to make the child more loyal to him or her in the detriment of the other spouse.

There are documented undertakings of parents who influence especially the younger children to their benefit and this approach is very much noticed by court representatives and blamed. The number of young impressionable children who are dominated by one of their parents is rising and that can be seen in the increasing number of claims.

Divorce is often seen as a competition between parents, amidst which children are the wounded persons and can suffer the severe blows of a separation with no helmet on. Practically, this idea of influencing the children leads to a reaction coming from court officials who notice the dangerous practice of gaining the trust and love of children through somewhat abusive manners.

It is very important as parent to focus on creating a stable environment for the children and to put their best interests first as hard as that may sound. Their feelings are not a negligible matter and the main idea is to protect them and not to govern their feelings and emotions and not to poison them with regard to the other parenting partner.

In the fight involved in the divorce custody wars it is best to recur to solicitors who are specialised in a wide range of cases. They certainly can guide you through the process offering legal support, a reliable shoulder to cry on as well as pointers in how to approach your children in the attempt of being fair to them and to yourself. Divorce is imminent when the two marriage partners no longer see eye to eye, therefore, it is best to shield the children from possible conflicts and keep a normal and unbiased environment for them.

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