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How to Help your Kids through Divorce

(Guest post outlining some tips to help your kids through divorce)

A family breakup is never an easy situation and it’s often the children who are worst affected. If you’re going through divorce then take a look at these top tips that will help your kids cope.

Talking is Essential

Divorce can be a long process so it’s essential to talk to your kids honestly and openly throughout.

Be Truthful

Your kids have the right to know why their parents are splitting; so be honest and open. Avoid giving long and complex explanations which could be confusing. Instead explain that you and your partner can no longer get along but that doesn’t mean that either of you love your children any less.

Always say ‘I Love You’

Realising that their parents no longer love each other can be traumatic for kids, mostly because they end up feeling that they are no longer loved either. Make sure you tell and show your children that you love them every day.

Explain Changes

Divorce leads to upheaval, but big changes are made much more manageable if your kids are fully aware of them before they happen. If you’re planning a move or a big change then give your kids plenty of time to get used to the idea before you act.

Avoid Blame

In many divorce situations both parents are angry with each other and may have resentment and a lot of bad feeling. Whatever you do, always avoid criticising your partner in front of your children as it may colour their view of their parent and lead to further strife.

Be United

Most parents only want the best for their children so even if it’s very difficult try to present a united front and sit down with your children together to discuss the situation. With both parents’ support, your children are far more likely to cope effectively with your breakup.

Understand your Rights

Seek advice from a family law solicitor London so you can give your children a clear idea of what’s likely to happen during divorce proceedings, how long the divorce will take and how family access will be organised.

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