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The Divorce Process: Where to Begin

Most couples do not begin their marriages with the anticipation of ever getting divorced. However, as statistics consistently show, close to half of all marriages end in divorce today. When a husband or wife decides to end his or her marriage, that individual may wonder what steps to take and how to begin the process. The process to get a divorce may take some time; however, following these steps can ensure that each party’s best interests are addressed and that the matter is settled as fairly as possible.

Start Saving Money

Because most couples share bank accounts, a husband or wife may not have immediate access to the funds needed to file for divorce. If possible, a person should try to set aside money out of each paycheck and save these funds for the divorce proceedings. It may take a few months to save enough money to file; however, without the needed money, people may not be able to file, especially if they do not qualify for free legal services through the state or social organizations.

Retain a Good Lawyer

People can certainly file for divorce on their own at the courthouse. However, in most cases, this idea is not advisable. A divorce lawyer is trained to advocate for clients and to ensure that each petitioner’s interests are protected. An attorney can help a client go through what is referred to as a discovery process where the couple’s assets are identified and the reasons for the divorce are solidified. Through his or her divorce attorney, a person can work toward a mutual agreement with the other spouse without having to go to trial. If, however, an agreement on the matter cannot be reached, a person can be well served by having an attorney by his or her side as the case goes through the trial process.

Finding a good divorce lawyer can be a relatively hassle-free process if people take several things into mind. With the Internet now a popular referral tool, people can search online and find experienced attorneys in their area. For example, a search would be done online for an Orlando divorce lawyer for plaintiffs in the central Florida area, to obtain a list of local lawyers knowledgeable in divorce law. They can consider previous clients’ online recommendations, as well as ask friends and family members for advice. Clients can also discover if an attorney can help by going to an initial consultation. Retaining a lawyer for the divorce can make this process less traumatic and difficult.

Make Lifestyle Adjustments as Necessary

As they approach a new life path, people may need to adjust their lifestyles accordingly. If a person does not have a job, for example, that individual could be urged to find employment and begin working before the divorce is filed. Having an independent income can make adjusting to post-divorce life easier. Likewise, if a person is under-employed or does not have benefits like life and medical insurance, that individual may be advised to look for a higher paying job and retain these benefits as soon as possible. People going through the divorce process must learn to rely on themselves rather than someone else for their well-being. Adjusting their lifestyle and planning ahead can ensure that they successfully rebuild their lives after they are divorced.

Knowing how to begin divorce proceedings can empower people who are no longer happy being married. Retaining experienced legal counsel and allowing a lawyer to advocate for them in court can be the most crucial aspect of the divorce process. An attorney can help a person come out of the divorce with their best interests intact.

Lisa Coleman encourages employing experienced legal counsel during the process of a divorce while handling the emotional transition into an adjusted lifestyle. Katz & Phillips, P.A., a client-focused divorce firm, is experienced in all aspects of divorce law and can represent and counsel a client through their divorce proceedings.

Lisa Coleman
Lisa Coleman enjoys writing about her passions, which include law, animals, family, hobbies and travel.
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Lisa Coleman enjoys writing about her passions, which include law, animals, family, hobbies and travel.